H07RN-F Cable

Application: This cable are suited for medium mechanical stress in dry, damp and wet areas as well as in open air and in agricultural plants for equipment in industry works such as boilers, heating plated, hand lamps and electric tools such as drills and circular saws as for transportable motors or machines on construction sites. These cable can be used for protected and fi xed installation in tubes or in equipment as well as rotor connecting cable of motors with working voltage of up to 1000V alternating voltage or a direct voltage of up to 750V against ground. These cable are also suitable for fixed installation on plaster, in temporary buildings and resedential barracks, direct laying on components and mechanical parts of machines, e.g. lifts and cranes.
Industry: Automation and Process Control,Building and Construction,Communication and Telecommunication,Renewable Energy,Transmission, Distribution and Power Networks,Water Treatment

- conductor bare copper to HD383 cl. 5, IEC 60228 cl. 5

- insulation rubber

- identification:

2-core: blue, brown

3-core: blue, brown, gn/ye

4-core: brown, black, grey, gn/ye

5-core: blue, brown, black, grey, gn/ye

6-core or above: black with white numerals, gn/ye

- sheath: rubber compound

- sheath: colour black

- norminal voltage: 450/750V

- min. bending radius:

fixed: 3 x d

moved: 6 x d

- temp. range: -30°C / +90°C

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